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A.I.M. and F.I.R.E.

Principles of Health and Wellness


AIM and FIRE are principles that help to guide us in the art of learning AWARENESS, openness and self-reflection. These principles of health enhance fullness of living and help in accepting self-responsibility for our lives. While at first it may seem obvious, the inner voices of conflict and confusion are only lessened to the extent that we have regained the capacity to hear them clearly. It is not possible to solve what one is unwilling to acknowledge. Mental and emotional health is the freedom to choose our person, moment to moment, learning to see with fresh and open eyes, untainted by patterns of history and worries over expectations and outcomes.

Another principle is INSPIRATION – the necessity of creative energy in our lives. Creativity is wakefulness, sometimes seen as insight or the moment of inspiration that opens us to renewal and learning. Without question, health and creativity are synonymous. The freedom to respond to the moment, learning and adapting are the emotional determinants of health.

The third principle is captured by the notion of MYSTERY – realizing the courage of vulnerability. Most people live through willful control, attempting to conquer the threatening world. Under these conditions people talk about "bearing down" and the need for discipline. Unfortunately, force only invites resistance – our own! Is it any wonder people often achieve their goals and feel just as dissatisfied and confused? Given the desire to be someone special, achieve something important and generally prove self-worth, most often people forget that the way they walk through life is far more important than where they get to. When people feel healthy their mental focus is effortless, such as watching a great play or reading a good book. Courage comes from the same word as coronary; the Latin word "cor" or heart. Heart-felt living is creative, vulnerable and accepting of pain. All people have heart. While the AIM principles focus on the core of body (awareness), mind (inspiration) and spirit (mystery) of our approach, the FIRE components are living experiments in experiencing the internal momentum of change.

FLOW represents our ability to stay with our experience, without critical judgement or criticism. It is immediacy of contact with our world without the screen of thoughts. In order to accomplish Flow, the next two principles, namely IDENTITY and REFLECTION, are devoted to our being in the world; who we are and aren't as well as the ways we get lost living according to social myths and fairy tales. In our search for self-definition it is crucial to realize the ways we get lost and know that all our attachments of being become tomorrows conflicts. If you stop for a moment to realize that a mirror does not refuse to reflect that which is ugly or unwanted, we come to discover that a content mind that has found Flow is reflective, luminous and non-discriminating. The end result of a calm abiding identity and flow is the peacefulness of ENJOYMENT and only in joy do hearts unite and great odds turn to challenge and the overcoming of fear and anxiety.

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